Sober Coach Austin

Sober Coach Austin

The period of sobriety is that which a person is free from substance dependence. However, a sober person might relapse after rehabilitation or treatment. After leaving the rehabilitation facility and returning home as a new person, a  stressful situation might occur causing you anxiety. It is possible to have thoughts of consuming again and the ability to self-control could fail. The urge to use again can be controlled by the presence of a recovery coach in Austin, TX.

A  sober coach is needed based on the fact that it is important to get an expert to rely on during the dark days of a recovery process. This trained individual helps people cope during the dark days. Because each patient has specific needs, these services are tailored according to their individual needs. As our faces differ so do our rights against addiction. We are conscious of this and we assign the sober coach that meets the individual’s needs and best suits your situation.

Who is A Sober Coach?

A sober coach is a trained individual who helps people struggling with substance dependence and addiction. They help with recovery and inspire people to lead a healthy and sober lifestyle. These trained personnel help to remove the obstacles on the way to recovery and help people stay on track of their recovery and prevent a relapse. A sober coach is a great companion on your journey to recovery.

How Can A Sober Coach Help?

A sober coach,  like any other coach, provides support and guidance on your journey to recovery. After completing a drug and alcohol treatment program, you would need to work with a sober coach. Adjusting to your new life after treatment and rehabilitation can be challenging because you tend to still get the urge to use.
The triggers and temptations to use after treatment can be eased with the help of a trained professional. A sober coach helps to bridge the gap between your treatment program and the urge to use. These urges can be very strong especially if you are surrounded by triggers. Here are some of the ways a sober coach can help:

Maintain sobriety naturally and creating a healthy lifestyle 

Our sober coaches in Austin, Texas help the individual discover and build the importance of eating healthy, exercising daily, and the importance of getting therapeutic sleep. They also encourage patients to maintain a positive attitude towards life. Self-care is important!

Sober coaching will help you develop resilience and lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. It is easier to make smart choices when you follow a healthy lifestyle.

Set short- and long-term goals

Our sober coaches help you set achievable goals. These goals could either be short or long-term.

We understand the importance of setting goals and having in mind to achieve these goals. Our coaches help you set realistic and achievable goals. 

Identify Challenges

A sober coach helps you identify your unique challenges and triggers. They also help discover the best ways to deal with them. Because if these triggers and challenges are left unchecked, they can thwart your recovery.

Develop problem-solving techniques

After identifying your challenges, it is important to develop techniques for solving these challenges. A sober coach will teach you healthy and effective ways to deal with stress and anxiety. They teach you skills and help you manage challenges.

Build relationships

A sober coach also develops trust and builds a relationship with you. It is important to form close connections with people as it helps the healing process.

Addiction takes a lot of time to get over as it not something that goes away after a few weeks of treatment. It is an ongoing process that needs persistence, patience, smart choices, and good relationships. The people you mingle with have a huge role to play in your recovery.

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Sober Coach Austin