Womens Shelter Fort Worth

Womens Shelter Fort Worth

The Gatehouse is a highly respected women’s shelter in Fort Worth that can help you break the cycle of abuse and help you get on your feet and become totally self-sustainable. We offer women a hand up and out of an abusive relationship or toxic environment; with access to the right resources, you’ll never have to return to circumstances that are less than ideal. Contact our women’s crisis center today to learn more about our shelter for women and our program to help you find full-time employment, which is the key to finding a way out or your situation. Reach us by phone at 819-912-0317.

3 Ways We Can help You Break the Cycle

1. Do you need a safe place to stay while you get on your feet? The Gatehouse is not just a domestic violence shelter; however, we do offer safe housing as one of our services. If you need temporary or long-term housing, we can provide those resources to you when you contact our women’s support center. Our programs goes far beyond providing a place to stay; during enrollment, you’ll:

  • Work full-time in jobs that will build your career and create a foundation for long-term income stability
  • Learn budgeting skills that will enable you to start saving for your future
  • Work toward earning a family-sustainable wage
  • Start to pay off debt and develop skills to live without debt
  • Set lifelong savings goals
  • Resolve child custody issues legally
  • Establish emotional well-being and self-awareness
  • Manage physical and spiritual health
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Establish friendships during your time at The Gatehouse

2. We offer help for abused and battered women who have remained in unhealthy environments due to not having any place else to go. We can offer you peace of mind that our facility is a safe haven for you and your children. You’ll be encouraged and cherished for the unique individual you are while taking part in our program; once you see the difference in yourself, you’ll never want to go back to your previous living arrangement.

3. Our resources include addiction treatment for women. If you’re currently addicted to alcohol or drugs, you are ineligible for The Gatehouse program, however, there are numerous resources within the community that can offer you a place to heal from addiction. Reach out to us through our helpline to start a treatment program that will bring about lasting change for a brighter future.

Applying For The Gatehouse’s Program

You can start your application on our website or by contacting our staff over the phone. Whichever way you choose, we’ll be with you throughout the process to ensure your application is completed in full and correctly. If you’ve found yourself in a dangerous situation or are worried about the safety of your children in your home, you can contact our women’s shelter in Fort Worth to find all of the resources you need to get out now before it’s too late. It’s not worth the risk to wait another day- call us right now at 819-912-0317.

Womens Shelter Fort Worth

The Gatehouse

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Womens Shelter Fort Worth

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