Traditional Medicinals Raspberry Leaf Tea

Traditional Medicinals Raspberry Leaf Tea

The red raspberry leaf tea is also the womb tonic tea because of its fertility-boosting properties. The reputation of the tonic goes back a couple of centuries and continues to prove itself repeatedly. The raspberry tea comes from making a tea of dried leaves to produce a natural and pleasant taste utterly free of caffeine.

Raspberry Leaf Tea Nutritional Benefits

The tea makes the womb stronger by smoothening the lining and adjusting the menstrual cycle by balancing the hormones. This means that women looking to get pregnant can use the tea to boost their chances of conception, while women with imbalanced hormonal cycles can also use it to attain a natural and stable cycle. Here are other health benefits of red raspberry tea leaf:

  • Balance the moods
  • Reduce cramping pain
  • Protect against PMS
  • Reduce the periods to a healthy volume
  • Relieves the adrenal of any fatigue
  • Prevents hormonal acne
  • Reduces breast tenderness
  • Boost your overall immunity

Reduces changes that come about with pregnancy, such as nausea

The tea can do all of the above because it contains essential vitamins like A, C, and E, minerals like selenium, iron, niacin, manganese, and many more. Let us take a deeper look at how the herb achieves all of these while improving overall health.

It Supports Womanhood At All Stages

Many herbs in the market can do some or most of what raspberry does. However, most of them will cause a significant boost in certain hormones, which means you must be careful not to overuse them because they also have the potential to cause more imbalance and harm.

An example is the fenugreek herb, which can boost estrogen levels and heal Amenorrhea. Taking too much of the herb will cause an increased amount of estrogen in the body and result in breast tenderness, mood swings, water retention, and more. Raspberry leaf tea is a unique herb because it boosts all reproductive hormones, which means you will get more regular periods without any side effects.

Women at all stages of the reproductive cycle can use it to correct any imbalances and provide themselves with the nutrients that allow maximum immunity and health.

Balances Hormones

Raspberry leaf tea balances the hormones cleaning the blood of any excesses and stimulating the organs to play a good role in the luteal and follicular cycles. A majority of PMS cycles can be solved by taking a healthy amount of traditional raspberry tea under the guidance of a certified herbalist like Sarah.

Taking the herb during pregnancy ensures that your body has all the nutrients needed to maintain a strong uterus and undergoes proper hormonal changes for critical processes like making sure the lining is thick enough for the fertilized egg to complete the implantation process.

These are only a few reasons to take raspberry leaf tea to boost your hormonal cycle. Are there raspberry tea leaf side effects? Check out our consultation packages online, and feel free to book one for in-depth information.

Traditional Medicinals Raspberry Leaf Tea