TMJ Relief Newbury Park

TMJ Relief Newbury Park

TMJ – temporomandibular joint disorder is something that impacts about 12% of people in the United States. If you are looking for TMJ relief in Newbury Park, you may have issues like decreased range of motion in the jar, pain, and clicking noises when you chew. Having TMJ may also lead to what is known as referred pain. This is pain felt in one location, different from where it actually originates. For many people, this results in headaches, earaches, and pain in the neck and head.


Know the Causes of TMJ Disorders


A variety of factors may influence a TMJ disorder. This includes hormonal influences, traumatic injuries, and improper or overuse of the muscles used for chewing. Additionally, bruxism or the clenching of the teeth is another leading cause of muscle pain from TMJ. However, many people are not aware that they clench or grind their teeth at night or go about their daily routine. 


Did You Know? Women are more likely to suffer from TMJ than men? These are also disorders that usually occur in people ranging in age from 20 to 40. The good news is that there are various oral devices and treatment for sleep apnea that you can look into when you want to get notable TMJ relief in Newbury Park. 


Known Options for Treating TMJ Disorders


You will be able to get a variety of treatment options when you work with a professional, including appliances for adults with sleep apnea. Going over your needs and the symptoms you are having makes it easier to treat the different and unpleasant symptoms that people face with TMJ. Commonly known treatments include:


·      Occlusal Splint – These dental appliances for sleep are custom-made orthotics used to help protect the teeth, preventing clenching. 

·      Physical Therapy – Some exercises and stretching techniques may improve function and movement in the jaw.

·      Acupuncture – This is a treatment well-known for offering short-term relief for the symptoms of TMJ.

·      Massage – Working with a professional will help work on muscles and relieve tension surrounding the jaw. 

·      Osteopathic Manipulative Technique – This is a technique that targets a range of motion and works on reducing pain.

·      Self-Management – It is important that you also take care of yourself despite any treatment plans with professionals. You can work on being mindful of your chewing habits and avoiding stress whenever possible. 


It is best to know that you have non-surgical options that will help you restore the function of TMJ with incredible results. Many people treated carefully for TMD (temporomandibular dysfunction) will get notable results. A non-surgical approach will be best for someone that may only have mild joint damage, dental misalignments, or muscle hyperactivity.


Do you have questions about using a sleep apnea oral device or taking part in other naturopathic treatments? We are always here to help at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre. Not only can we go over your needs and put together a plan for TMJ relief in Newbury Park, but we also have a long list of happy clients to show for our work. Give us a call in Thousand Oaks, CA at (805) 496-5700 or Brentwood, CA at (310) 401-0813.

TMJ Relief Newbury Park