Outpatient treatment For Depression

Outpatient treatment For Depression

Sometimes when a person feels depressed, and it is leading to other problems or suicidal ideation, there must be intervention. Outpatient care for depression is needed in extreme cases. This way you can be in a more extensive treatment program. This does not mean you are crazy or that something is wrong with you, it means that you will be able to return to normal life sooner than you would without it. 

Depression is a mental or mood disorder and will need long-term treatment to include individual and group counseling, learning a coping skill and recognizing and learning to cope with what caused the onset of it. There are a few things to be aware of that will mean that outpatient treatment for depression may be warranted. One such thing is if you are abusing substances. This could be illegal drugs or self-medication as a means of being able to cope with the feelings that accompany depression. You may also be using medication to deal with the pain of the trauma or incident that made you depressed.

Another sign that outpatient care is needed is addictive behaviors. This is when you can not do without things like gambling, shopping, or sex. If you begin losing the ability to function productively in your everyday activities, or you have other mental disorders you are trying to cope with, you may need to be admitted.  Other signs include treatment-resistant depression that requires something different, experiencing thoughts of hurting yourself or others, and suicidal ideations or attempted suicide.  Anyone of these symptoms means that you may need outpatient Treatment for depression.

As an outpatient, you will receive several different kinds of therapy. You will be cared for by professional medical staff.

When you are checked in to the treatment center, you and your doctor will put together an individualized intensive plan. Your treatment will include psychotherapy or individual therapy and counseling. Your counselor will help you to explore why you are depressed and how to begin to cope with that so that you can start to feel better. To help level off your moods and feelings, you may need medications. One class of medications that are often used in the hospital setting is an antidepressant. Other medications may be a pain reliever. You may be able to learn brain stimulation methods.  You may get involved in the exercise. Light therapy is another popular therapy method. With light therapy, exposure to light is used to regulate certain hormones. One of these hormones is Seratonin.  You may also be treated with other things such as yoga, meditation, and others.

After outpatient treatment for depression, you will need to continue your therapy on an outpatient basis. Here you will learn to live and to cope with the times when you are feeling low without slipping into major depression. Here at the Reconnect Center, we can get you better and provide support and the help you need to get your life back. You can start enjoying the activities that you loved before or learn to like new activities.