Indianapolis Drug Rehab

Going to the Indianapolis drug rehab should be the first thing you do if you suffer from substance abuse. Addiction is nothing to joke about, and if you leave it unchecked, it will become more severe in time. The Indiana Inpatient Rehab addiction center prevents that from happening through a reliable treatment and efficient therapy.

How reliable is drug rehab?

We can only say that our addiction center uses a form of treatment that the scientific community has fully recognized. Moreover, we ensure it remains efficient through constant renewing, as we discover new things about addiction and its triggers. Recently, we found out that a patient needs to spend more time undergoing treatment so that addiction can successfully recede.

It’s also indirectly proportional to the risks of future relapsing. This means that the longer the treatment, the lesser risks you’ll have to relapse back to drugs or alcohol. Usually, during a longer treatment program, a patient also learns about the skills and tricks to use in preventing relapsing. That’s precisely what we teach you here at our addiction center, besides treating your dependence and addiction.

Safe and consistent therapy

Besides medication-assisted treatments that we use in the initial phases of detox, we also implement various forms of therapy. This helps in putting your mind at ease, identifying the triggers of addiction, and dealing with them efficiently. With therapy, we will help you regain your self-confidence, hope, and determine you to fight with your whole being against addiction.

This is a beneficial attitude to have, especially after the treatment is over, and you’re back to your healthy life. Knowing how to prevent relapsing, and how to avoid such situations that lead to it, these are the teachings we promote through therapy. Moreover, with the Indianapolis drug rehab, we eliminate harmful behaviors related to addiction, while enforcing constructive thought patterns.

Insurance covers rehab

Because we understand how drug rehab can be too expensive for some of our patients, we accept most insurances. Moreover, we invite you to complete the online form on our website and let us check whether your insurance company is in our database. The process is simple, fast, and you’ll know immediately if the insurance will cover your rehab period.

However, you should bear in mind that most insurances only cover for a limited period. If you wish to undergo a lengthier treatment plan, your insurance might not cover it, and you’ll have to pay for the difference. We’re happy to provide any information you want if you contact us.

Holistic treatments for addiction

The Indianapolis drug rehab uses top-notch facilities, including cutting-edge technologies and efficient, holistic therapies. With their help, we can support your progress, and pathway to a drug-free lifestyle. Our initial assessments will tell us everything we need to know about your medical condition.

Our expert therapists and medical personnel will devise a personalized treatment, especially for you. The Indiana Inpatient Rehab program will take you from addiction to freedom in a matter of months. Stick with our treatment, and withdrawal will hold no influence over you.

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Indianapolis Drug Rehab

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