How to Increase Your Semen Production

how to increase your semen production

If you’re looking to increase your sexual performance, there are a few simple things you can do to make it happen. One of the best ways to boost your sex is to make sure you’re taking enough exercise. In addition, you’ll want to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of antioxidants, and taking time off between masturbation and sex.


Drinking enough water may be the key to a more productive sex session. Water plays a key role in many aspects of sexual development, from the time of fertilization all the way to the fetus.

For a man, it’s important to drink enough water to avoid dehydration and improve overall health. This will ensure optimal blood flow to the reproductive organs and improve sperm quality and quantity. A man should aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.

Besides drinking enough water, there are many other factors that can affect a man’s sperm count. Some of the common factors that may affect a man’s sperm are his age, his weight, his diet, and his physical activity levels.


Ashwagandha is an herb that improves several aspects of a man’s health and overall well-being. It increases energy levels, increases muscle strength, reduces stress and inflammation, and enhances sexual performance.

In addition, it can help improve sperm concentration. Studies suggest that taking a daily supplement of ashwagandha can improve the volume and quality of sperm in men.

Ashwagandha is also used to treat erectile dysfunction. One study shows that men who took ashwagandha for eight weeks had a 15% increase in testosterone over a placebo group.

Another study showed that a daily supplement of ashwagandha for three months enhanced the semen parameters of 46 infertile males. This resulted in a 36% increase in sperm concentration and 57% increase in sperm motility.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays an important role in male fertility. It helps in the regulation of calcium homeostasis. In addition, it improves sperm motility and may also affect total sperm count.

Vitamin D deficiency is common among men. Some studies have linked low vitamin D levels to poor sperm quality. However, the exact mechanisms by which vitamin D influences male reproduction are still unclear.

The results of several in vivo studies have indicated that the level of serum vitamin D is related to sperm morphology and motility. Sperm morphology is a critical parameter in determining fertility. If a man has low sperm morphology, his chances of producing a baby are diminished.


If you’re struggling to produce a healthy sperm count, you may want to consider using antioxidants to increase your sperm production. These nutrients protect your sperm from free radical damage. They also improve sperm motility and sperm volume.

Studies have shown that men who consume foods rich in antioxidants have better ejaculate volumes and sperm counts. Vitamin C and E supplementation is believed to have a powerful impact on sperm health.

Vitamin E and C, along with other antioxidants, can shield spermatozoa from oxidative damage. For example, regeneration of tocopherol in a mouse testicular cell helps thwart lipid peroxidation.

The nutritional industry is now focusing on natural antioxidants, such as pomegranate juice. Studies have shown that pomegranate can improve sperm count and quality.


Exercise can have a positive effect on your semen quality, but not all types of exercise will have the same effects. If you’re interested in improving your sperm, a combination of diet and regular exercise may be the best route to go.

Researchers at Urmia University in Turkey investigated the effect of exercise on sperm quality. They studied a group of healthy men who were eligible to donate sperm to a human sperm bank in China.

They found that a moderate intensity continuous training (MICT) program improved sperm quality. However, the benefits started to wear off after 30 days. The researchers believe that a more intensive program could produce more powerful results.

Time off between masturbation and sex

The question is whether masturbation actually improves your health. This is not to say it will harm you but it does take time to get an erection.

Taking a few days off between sex will give your body a break. You will feel less fatigued and you’ll sleep better at night. Your brain also gets a well-needed rest.

Masturbating the right way will boost your sexual performance. It might even boost your testosterone levels. In fact, a survey of males showed that 74% engage in some form of self-pleasure.

For a while now, researchers have been trying to figure out how masturbation boosts your sperm count. Some studies have suggested that a more regular sex schedule might reduce the risk of prostate cancer. However, they have not found any real proof of the link.

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